[GPC] School project: extending existing OWASP tool / extending peachfuzz in SoC

Martin Zember martin.zember at matfyz.cz
Fri May 29 16:54:03 EDT 2009

Vážení Committee (Dear Committee),

we are a group of students and looking for an idea what kind of a
software project to make.

It ought to be a team project with a scope of max. 9 months (our team
has 5 members, each of us will work about 1 day per week). There will
be no whitepaper at the end as the output, a research is not expected,
rather design & implementation.

We have a vision to do something which is related to
vulnerability-research (e.g. to make a fuzzing framework). Currently,
the most promising looks the extending of the Peach fuzzing framework.

Tom Brennan suggested we could advance some of the existing OWASP
tools and also apply for SoC. We looked through the list of existing
OWASP tools, the site of the current and past SoC and the Request for
Proposal 2008 for inspiration.

We would like to hear any suggestions, which project it would be
desired to extend. Since we expect that you have the best overview of
all projects, we wanted to ask you

(It has to be clear, which part of the tool is ours, since it will be
evaluated in the school and documented as well).

In case we will work with the Peach, is it possible to apply to SoC?

Thank you,

Martin Žember

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