[GPC] [RFC] Note for Leaders: Project Health Benefits - Using the"OWASP" Name

Matt Tesauro mtesauro at gmail.com
Wed May 20 16:18:19 EDT 2009

Jason Li wrote:
> 1) I agree that self ratings usually don't match up... but I would say
> 3) As to the one page challenge, again, I think it's just a matter of
> presentation and I don't anticipate having any problems creating a
> short overview of the rating system once we get all the specifics
> down. But I maintain that it is important to have thought about the
> specifics first.
I created a couple of simple diagrams to convey the ideas of the
Criteria v2 early on in the process.  The fact is that I got tired of
re-jiggering them as the criteria evolved.  As it looks like things are
settling down, I planned on revisiting those diagrams to make them
reflect the wiki pages.  The delay is mostly caused by the combination
of me catching up on life after being in Poland and the fast approaching
holiday weekend in the U.S.

There are several reasons for the detailed verbiage on those pages:
* If the GPC is going to discuss something, it helps to leave little to
no room for assumptions about how the process will work.  No room for
assumptions allows for all committee members to be in sync when
discussing the Criteria v2.  The thing that isn't on the wiki is the
many verbal discussions that have occurred on our calls.  Those are the
summary drafts that you may be feel are missing.
* Repeat the idea above but with discussions of the larger OWASP
community.  Summaries can allow for guesses at intent.   Explicitly
spelling out the details hopefully reduces misunderstandings.
* It is incredibly easier to summarize a lengthy document without
distorting its meaning then to take a summary to full detail and
maintain consensus as to its meaning.

Hope that helps explain why we only have the current level of detail and
when to expect more overview/summary/diagrams to appear.

-- Matt Tesauro
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> -Jason
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