[GPC] OWASP Speakers, Trainings, Boot Camp material from the projects

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As you know we are currently reviewing our assessment criteria. In its draft
version, as “Project Health” criterion, we have established the condition of
having a “conference style presentation that describes the tool in at least
3 slides” -
nimal_Content. Is that ok? If not, please free to edit directly the wiki.


WRT your second question, I believe the best and only list of assessed
projects we have is the SoC 2008’s one – here
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Summer_of_Code_2008 and here




Paulo Coimbra,

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Hi Global Project Committee,


One of the targets of the Global Education Committee is to create a Boot
Camp project, as agreed on during the Summit '08.

The meaning is a deck of max 5 slides from each project, about the project.

Also, we are looking for trainings about the projects. Instead of trying to
set up a training for each, we will supply templates and hopefully will get
the trainings from the projects.


Both could be a criteria for a project to get a higher level! ;-)

..if I am not mistaken, the boot camp material should be brought forward by
the Foundation Board as Beta status requirement.


Therefore, I am looking for a list of project leaders and hope you can
supply a list of projects, the project leaders, even better listed by the
project state.


Can you help me out?




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