[GPC] Projects Updates on Home Page

Mark Roxberry mark.roxberry at owasp.org
Thu Aug 6 19:03:37 EDT 2009

Just a thought re: project updates, input, exposure.  Can we have
either a project tracking "widget" on the Home page that shows if
there is new activity on a project or maybe each project can have a
blog and we have something like the aggregated feed list but
specifically for projects?  Not sure what would be the best way, but
it would be at-a-glance of active projects.  The thought occurred to
me as we're working on the Report Generator project - short of
annoying the leaders mailing list or posting a message to a low
activity project mailing list, we are limited to our own marketing
effort.  We put some ideas together, have some mockups and are
starting to realize the app.  We would like input and exposure but
would also like to see other projects at the same time.

Would something like this be useful to others?


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