[Esapi-user] 2 ESAPI Bounties created on Bountysource

Kevin W. Wall kevin.w.wall at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 04:51:19 UTC 2015


​I just created a $200 bounty on Reference Implementation Extensibility
a second one for $275 for​
​ Need Major Changes to Configuration Mechanism​
The first one expires in 6 months and the second one expires in 3 months
(although if significant progress can be shown on either of these, I'd be
willing to extend the times).

​If you have questions, on how to handle the bounties themselves,
check out the Bountysource​
 FAQ <https://www.bountysource.com/faq>
or contact the Bountysource team via

*​     ​*

*support at bountysource.com <support at bountysource.com> (Email) *
*​     ​*

*#Bountysource (IRC) *
*​     ​*

*@Bountysource (Twitter) *
*​     ​*
*Bountysource (Facebook)*

​If you have questions about the issues themselves either post
your questions to the ESAPI Dev list or send them directly
to me. (If they are questions about clarification, I'd prefer
an open dialog on the ESAPI Dev mailing list.)

Fabio, do you have anything to add, such as are there any
restrictions as to who may participate, etc. (I suggest that
at least you, Chris Schmidt, and myself should not be eligible
to about any appearance of conflict of interest, but I'm not
sure if we should have additional people excluded.)

P.S.- Please help spread the word about this. Thanks.
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