[Esapi-user] Action Needed: Reminder to Transition out of Google Code to GitHub

Claudia Casanovas claudia.aviles-casanovas at owasp.org
Tue Aug 18 19:31:38 UTC 2015

Hello Project Leaders:

This is a reminder as you already are aware of the Google Code Shutdown
2016. Also remember to update your wiki page with the updated GitHub link.

*How To Migrate Your Data Off Google Code*

   - The simplest way to migrate off of Google Code is to use the Google
   Code to GitHub Exporter Tool <https://code.google.com/export-to-github/>,
   which provides an automated way to migrate a project’s source, issues, and
   wikis to a new GitHub repository
   - For more information use the link below:

GitHub and Bitbucket are both looking forward to working with developers
moving off of Google Code. If you encounter any problems using these tools
 contact Google Code Shutdown <google-code-shutdown at google.com.>.
Please migrate and update your wiki site with the updated GitHub or
Alternative hosting such as bitbucket link. Data on google code will only
be available till 2016.

Thank you and contact the Project Task Force with any questions.

Claudia Aviles-Casanovas
Project Coordinator
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