[Esapi-user] Migration to Github, ESAPI Bug Squash-a-thon!

Chris Schmidt chris.schmidt at owasp.org
Thu Sep 18 03:47:51 UTC 2014

Hey everyone - 

We have reserved space at the AppSecUSA Projects Summit tomorrow (Thursday) for ALL DAY - if you are at the conference and want to squash a bug, talk about a bug, or just talk about ESAPI in general come on by! 

Additionally, we have officially moved our SCM over to GitHub - there will be no further development checked in on the Google Code site (and we are working on migrating our issues database to a hosted JIRA account currently as well!) 

You can find the new source repo at https://github.com/ESAPI/esapi-java-legacy (this will be where we work on ESAPI 2.x code) and the new ESAPI 3.0 stuff will start in https://github.com/ESAPI/esapi-java

I will be available throughout the day at the Projects Summit to address any questions that you may have, or feel free to shoot me an email!


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