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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Mon Jun 30 05:55:26 UTC 2014


Just a polite FYI if you want a quick way to dig deeper.

I've been using BlackDuck for analysis via Ohlol.

I did the following searches to understand what was effected.



As you can see by 
only the three constants were effected, CHAR_LETTERS, 

You can see those in use here: 

And the only thing I see effected besides CSRF token was the lookup map 
candidate random value, RandomAccessMap which is a 6 digit random value.


> On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 9:47 PM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org 
> <mailto:jim.manico at owasp.org>> wrote:
>     ​[snip]​
>     I am upset that the ESAPI team "blew off" this "poor CSRF token
>     entropy" finding in 2011 when I was asked not to report Rook's
>     finding even when his results were repeatable. It led to me
>     leaving the project at the time. This is not just you, it was a
>     group decision that I disagreed with. I did wait two years before
>     disclosure and I'm glad to see it fixed.
>> Either I'm missing something, I'm more forgetful than I realize,
> or I need some clarification.​  First of all, the first that I'm
> seeing of this was some email that Jim forwarded from me that
> came from David Rook back on Feb 21, 2012, not 2011.  Did he
> actually discover this earlier?
> Second of all, I never recall anyone saying that we shouldn't
> report this as a Google Issue. I do recall that several of us
> wanted to better understand what was causing the unintuitive
> Burp Sequencer results and there was a LOT of theories regarding
> the explanation, but I personally don't recall anyone trying to
> sweep in under the table. In fact as the years went by, I had
> just assumed that their was a Google issue opened on it. I'm
> surprised now to see that Jim opened issue 323 only back in
> April of this year.
> I personally had spent some time trying to get to the bottom
> up it and come up with and explanation of the Burp Sequencer
> results, but I gave up when I couldn't find a root cause. The
> only thing that I did convince myself off was that it didn't
> have anything at all to do with not reseeding SecureRandom.
> (Note: Don't take that as a fact that I'm in support of the
> use of DefaultRandomizer as a singleton or that we never
> reseed it; I'm just stating that there was no way and no how
> that we would ever seen any bias such as we observed with the
> Burp Sequencer tests that David Rook ran in only 20k tokens.)
> And truthfully, since the ESAPI crypto didn't use ESAPI Randomizer
> and I wasn't convinced that it wasn't specifically a crypto
> related problem, I lost interest and got involved with other
> OWASP projects during GSoC and work on the Dev Guide.
> So we all stand equally guilty to the OWASP community. Let's
> get past that and come together and get it resolved.
> First off is, Jeff has submitted a fix for this. Are we all in
> agreement that foxes the root cause of this observed poor
> results in the Burp Sequencer tests that David Rook first
> made us aware of?
> If we are all in agreement to that, how do we want to proceed?
> Obviously a new version (2.1.1 or would be the next in
> line. Do we wish to include anything else in this new release?
> Who will help out with it? Where should we host the new release
> (besides Maven Central)? Should we have a CVE that we create for
> this?
> Personally, I would like us to work together to do what's best
> for the community of ESAPI users and most of all for the OWASP
> reputation, and we are NOT clearing doing now.
> If a few of you wish to vent your frustrations / feelings, I
> think that that should be done on a personal level, and not
> in public here. When I was being brought up, I was taught that
> you praise in public and admonish in private and I still think
> that's pretty good advice.
> Maybe I'm sticking my neck in where it doesn't belong, but I'm
> trying to be a peace maker here for the could of the OWASP
> community and all this sniping is not helping. I know that,
> you both know that, and everyone that is on these ESAPI
> lists knows that as well.
> So let's please act respectfully to each other...at least in
> public so as not to further sully OWASP brand.
> And if you want to flame me in person, that's fine. But if
> you wish to do it in public, let's please keep it civil, polite,
> and respectful and treat others like you would like to be treated.
> That's all I have to say. Thanks for listening.
> -kevin

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