[Esapi-user] How can I collaborate in ESAPI.Net

Michael Hidalgo michael.hidalgo at owasp.org
Fri Jun 21 02:07:33 UTC 2013

Hi Folks, greetings from  the beautiful Costa Rica!

First at all, sorry if this is a recurrent question but I just subscribed
into the mailing list. I wonder what is the current status of ESAPI.NETproject?

I was looking at the following thread at StackOverflow
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4318410/is-esapi-net-a-dead-project ,
and even when the post is old (2011) I was so sad reading it.

Therefore if was wondering how can I collaborate? I'm a Software Developer
in my bones :)  so I do have some ideas and I would like to see what you
guys think about it

1.Document it, document it and document it. This is a key step. If we start
writting about it in our blogs and in  a official site we can show the
value added of ESAPI.
2.Create a repository at GitHub
3.Create a NuGet Package and make it available.
4.Extend it to make sure we are covering new technologies like MVC (well it
is not new  but let's say that the industry is adopting it) and Web API.

What do you think about it? I'm very interested in collaborate.

Thank you.


 *Michael Hidalgo.
OWASP Chapter Leader & Researcher*

*Blog: http://michaelhidalgocr.blogspot.com*
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