[Esapi-user] Regarding encoderforHTML in ESAPI

viijay.mani viijay.mani at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 14:31:17 UTC 2012


So far i was using ESAPI1.4.5a.jar and now i am using 2.0GA

Problem that i am facing is after encoding the text inside angle bracket is
not coming in my application..

Steps to reproduce:-
Create a jsp file.
String value=example for[]?! encoding < using esapi jar latest version >

If the above string value is passed encodeforHTML method
I am getting the following output.
"example for[]?! encoding sample"

Problem is crystal clear what ever i am placing inside angle brackets <>is
not displaying.

This issue is not exists in 1.4.5

I think something need to be modified in properties file..

Could anyone help me what need to be modified in properties file..

Thanks in advance.

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