[Esapi-user] ESAPI Logging

Jörg Liedl joerg.liedl at student.htw-berlin.de
Fri Mar 23 15:43:33 UTC 2012


my esapi logger is not correctly working...
in my *ESAPI.properties* i use:


(the log4j is making bad errors during deployment - this should work 
too, right?)

*Logger.ApplicationName=my_logging_demo*  (thats the name i have 
declared in my pom as:
<artifactId>my_logging_demo</artifactId>  right?

*Logger.LogEncodingRequired=false *      # this was pre selected
*Logger.LogApplicationName=true*         # this was pre selected
*Logger.LogServerIP=true*                      # this was pre selected

and i have this as my path
the empty file exists in my .esapi folder

when i do something in my UserProvider (EJB) i have:

*    private final Logger logger = ESAPI.getLogger("UserProvider");*

and i write with this function to the logger:

*        logger.info(Logger.EVENT_SUCCESS, "user xyz");*

and something like:
*    logger.error(Logger.SECURITY_FAILURE, "logged in of user xyz 

but nothing is happening...
and yes ESAPI is working, i have different esapi functions which are all 

I hope somebody knows a quick answer, because i have to hand in this 
application on monday :(



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