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Hi Ram,


In general, it's not a good idea to concatenate together strings to
build an XML document. It's better practice to use an XML
parser/generator to safely generate XML.  This is similar to the advice
to use PreparedStatements to access SQL databases safely.  Or the advice
to use HTML templating systems to generate HTML safely.


In the rare case when you can't use a real XML parser/generator, the
"encodeForXML" method is available to prevent XML injection.  It encodes
the "big 5" characters significant to XML:  " ' < > and & into HTML





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I want to use encodeForXML method mentioned here
I found the details confusing -"The use of a real XML parser is strongly
encouraged. However, in the hopefully rare case that you need to make
sure that data is safe for inclusion in an XML document and cannot use a
parse, this method provides a safe mechanism to do so."
Could you explain what is being referred to here?
Thanks in advance.


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