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I'd be very careful about allowing your users to specify regular expressions
in this way. Google 'ReDoS'...


On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 11:47 AM, ricardo gualberto <r_gualberto at hotmail.com
> wrote:

>  Hi Matthew,
>         thank you for your response. Some of the input data will be used in
> some code logic decision like the configurable regular expressions. Other
> fields are just descriptions that are stored on database. My application
> store all input data on database and we will bind queries to prevent things
> like SQL Injection. I'm new to ESAPI and have been reading the documentation
> but couldn't figure out how to handle this scenario which I think is quite
> common. Do you know of any documentation or sample code on how to handle
> this kind of input data?
> Regards,
>    Ricardo
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> Open text fields, especially those that exist in applications that must
> support multiple locales, have always been tricky.  In the past, I have
> always taken the stance that the risk is acceptable not to do input
> validation on these types of fields as long as the following conditions are
> stringently met:
>      1. The input provided in the field is not used in *any *type of
> business logic decision within the app
>      2. It is verified, through code reviews, that *every *place the input
> is ever displayed is properly encoded based upon the required context, e.g.
> HTML, JS, CSS, etc.
> All-in-all, a developer should really be concerned about two* scenarios
> concerning input:
>      1. Will the input be used in some code path execution/business logic
> decision?  If so, it MUST be validated.  This especially includes any
> authentication and
>          authorization decisions.
>      2. Will the input be displayed back to the user?  If so, it must be
> encoded for the proper context when being displayed.
> *This assumes that all database access code is using bindable queries to
> prevent things like SQL Injection.
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