[Esapi-user] How to define "Context" in theESAPI.validator().getValidInput

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Fri May 20 10:37:03 EDT 2011

Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much for your explaination. I will give a shot.


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> Hi Jim,
> The "context" is used in validation log messages and is
> intended to remind you where the data came from.  One
> common use is to put the name of the HTTP
> parameter/header/cookie that the data came from.  But
> you can create your own system.  Give it a try with
> various values and then check the log to see if the messages
> there will help you figure out exactly where the problem is
> when the application is operational.
> Good luck,
> --Jeff
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> Subject: [Esapi-user] How to define "Context" in
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> Hi All,
> I just started learning ESAPI. One puzzle I have is the
> context used in validator. I am not sure how it is defined
> and mapped somehow, or just some identification. 
> The SwingSet example shows the following code:
> ESAPI.validator().getValidInput("Swingset Validation Secure
> Exercise",input,type,200,false);
> It is not clear to me what context "Swingset Validation
> Secure Exercise” means in here? 
> Any suggestions and comments are appreciated!
> Jim 
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