[Esapi-user] Using account name as salt

Chris Schmidt chrisisbeef at gmail.com
Fri May 6 12:00:01 EDT 2011

I agree that this needs to be highlighted better. That being said:


1.       Using File-Based Authentication in and of itself is problematic for
web applications. If your application server runs as the user Tomcat, then
the tomcat user needs to have r/w access to your passwd files; if you have a
shellable vulnerability or a path traversal in your web-app then you're

2.       Storing credentials in your database where you store the rest of
your data is also problematic. A SQLi in a completely unrelated part of your
application can cause havoc (just ask the guys from Sony)


Ideally, authentication should be a completely separate process, with
credentials stored and accessed someplace completely isolated from the rest
of the application such as an LDAP Provider.


I plan on releasing a Spring Security/ESAPI Authenticator Adapter
*component* shortly after 2.0GA goes live. It wouldn't be out of the
question to pull the "Spring'ed" portion of code out and replace the RI with
something that is actually useful.


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No, it is not sensible to do this in production. Salts  should be N-bits of
*random* bits. This is only marginally better than no salt at all IMO. Salts
are generally stored w/ the password hash itself. OTOH, what is even LESS
sensible is using FileBasedAuthenticator in a production env at all. It
clearly is a toy implementation meant for illustrative purposes & not
something considered production-ready. This has be mentioned several times
on this list. (Maybe we need to mention this in the javadoc.)

Kevin W. Wall
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On May 6, 2011 10:06 AM, "Luke Biddell" <luke.biddell at gmail.com> wrote:
> In FileBasedAuthenticator you use the accountName as salt for the
> user's password. Is this a sensible thing to do in a production
> environment?
> I've always thought the salt should be something unique to the user and
> I'm using 2.0 rc10 from maven so perhaps this has changed in never rcs
> after the NSA review.
> Thanks for any help
> Luke
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