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Kevin W. Wall kevin.w.wall at gmail.com
Sun May 1 10:34:32 EDT 2011

IIRC, the ESAPI logging has had significant changes in it since rc4,
including how the log4j.xml is found.

Unless there is some major reason that you cannot use 2.0_rc11, could you
give rc11 a try & report back the results.

Kevin W. Wall
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On Apr 20, 2011 10:47 AM, "Chris Dickinson" <chris.dickinson at web.de> wrote:
> Hello
> I want to use ESAPI's Logger to write log messages to a log file. I'm
using rc4 of ESAPI 2.0. I Noticed the line in ESAPI.properties:
>    Logger.LogFileName=ESAPI_logging_file
> However, the logging only appears in the console, never in a file.
> What steps need to be taken in order for the logging to be done in the
file specified in ESAPI.properties?
> p.s. I can get log4j to write into a log file via a "FileAppender" entry
in log4j.xml, but that would be defeating the purpose of having this line in
ESAPI.properties, right?
> p.p.s. It looks like rc11 works in quite a different way. Is there no
longer any ESAPI.properties file? Where can I find documentation for this?
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