[Esapi-user] fail to load ESAPI.properties

ricardo gualberto r_gualberto at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 3 11:44:00 EDT 2011

I'm having this same issue. There is an order that ESAPI tries to load the ESAPI.properties. The properties file is loaded but an exception is always thrown when the last option to load the properties file is from the classloader. The exception is not thrown when I define the ESAPI.properties at resources or /home/.esapi. I removed the full exception stack because it was on other post. 

[6/1/11 15:09:44:559 BST] 00000027 SystemOut     O Not found in 'user.home' (/root) directory: /root/esapi/ESAPI.properties
[6/1/11 15:09:44:560 BST] 00000027 SystemOut     O Loading ESAPI.properties via file I/O failed. Exception was: java.io.FileNotFoundException
[6/1/11 15:09:44:590 BST] 00000027 SystemOut     O Attempting to load ESAPI.properties via the classpath.
[6/1/11 15:09:44:598 BST] 00000027 SystemOut     O SUCCESSFULLY LOADED ESAPI.properties via the CLASSPATH from '/ (root)' using current thread context class loader!


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