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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Wed Jan 26 16:40:33 EST 2011

Come on Jim, this regex DOS isn't a problem with the speed of regex, it's a
problem of using safe regex in the first place.

Also - the example just doesn't work.  I tested the ESAPI Validator.URL
regex against the provided attack string a million times and I get the exact
same speed as before.  Takes 0. 000295 ms per match operation.  Always check
your evidence counselor.  I find you in contempt of court.  Judgement: his
honor.  Please see the clerk to pay your fine and court costs. Do not pass
go and do not collect $200.

My main point is that validation is critically important to security, and
people often push back because they perceive a possible performance problem.
When you look at the time it takes to connect to a database, execute
queries, generate UI components, etc...  the idea that you can better your
performance by skimping on validation is dangerous lunacy.


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> A regex doesn't take anywhere close to a tenth of a second.  

PS: This is absolutely, positively an incorrect statement. (Or worse, a
misleading statement).

The evidence, your honor:

Maybe when you get up to "billions of request" you will start using test
cases of this nature. (joking)

;)  Jim
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