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Agreed 100% - It is also invaluable to the developers to ensure that they
are delivering the quality that we demand

Thanks Juan!

On 2/4/11 10:51 AM, "Jeff Williams" <jeff.williams at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hi Juan,
> Is there a report or something that you can publish about your review?  This
> kind of thing is invaluable for others to gain confidence in the security of
> our work.
> Thanks!
> --Jeff
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> I am very familiar with WAF, actually I did a line-by-line code review of
> it.  
> ESAPI WAF uses a XML policy file for configuration that should be in your
> $HOME/.esapi directory. If you wiped that file then I guess most of the test
> cases will fail.
> WAF also heavily uses ESAPI logging facilities, but I assume ESAPI is
> working fine in your environment.
> Regards,
> Juan C Calderon
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> OK boys and girls, geeks and nerds, hackers, crackers, and anyone still
> patient enough to read my emails...  I'll make this short...
> really.
> I've finished committing a bejillion things and closed out about
> 5 or so Google Issues.  The biggest changes were as a result of the crypto
> review process done by the NSA as well as Jeff Walton.
> (Jeff, would appreciate if you could take a quick look at the new
> KeyDerivationFunction class. Thanks!)
> Anyhow, as I've discussed with Jim, Chris, Jeff, and Arshan, the WAF JUnit
> tests (and possibly some others related to access control) are failing
> (well, giving 'errors' actually).
> When I run all the tests, I am now getting something like 66 'errors'.
> I never touched the WAF code so not sure what is going on, other than as I
> mentioned in previous off-list emails that I did blow away my $HOME/.esapi
> directory which had a lot of WAF and access control files populated in it.
> It was shortly after I blew that directory away that I started noticing
> these failures in the JUnit tests.  But Jim and Chris said to commit the
> code anyhow and they would take a look at it.
> For those of you who are ambitious, you might try retrieving and building
> from the SVN trunk and see if you can reproduce it. It could just be my
> environment.
> For now, I'm off to bed. Will check back in latter tomorrow.
> Later,
> -kevin
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