[Esapi-user] ESAPI.properties Logger.LogFileName=...

Chris Dickinson chris.dickinson at web.de
Wed Apr 20 10:46:45 EDT 2011


I want to use ESAPI's Logger to write log messages to a log file. I'm using rc4 of ESAPI 2.0. I Noticed the line in ESAPI.properties:


However, the logging only appears in the console, never in a file.

What steps need to be taken in order for the logging to be done in the file specified in ESAPI.properties?

p.s. I can get log4j to write into a log file via a "FileAppender" entry in log4j.xml, but that would be defeating the purpose of having this line in ESAPI.properties, right?
p.p.s. It looks like rc11 works in quite a different way. Is there no longer any ESAPI.properties file? Where can I find documentation for this?
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