[Esapi-user] disabling logging

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Thu Sep 23 20:36:19 EDT 2010

Yes, just disable Intrusion Detection and this problem should go away. To do
that, please just add the following to your copy of ESAPI.properties




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I tried setting <priority value ="off" /> in log4j.xml, but still noticed an
IntrusionDetector SECURITY FAILURE on a validation exception that I catch in
my code.


Secondly, separate validation and intrusion exceptions become redundant if a
third intrustiondetector is already thrown.  IntrusionDetector.class reads: 

"This method should immediately log the exception so that developers
throwing an IntrusionException do not have to remember to log every error."

 I understand that the way we can catch an attack is through validation
failure, but what distinguishing a harmless error from an actual attack?
Right now, I have it so that I violate the default 'AccountName' rule by
trying to update the value to one that is of length 2 characters, when the
min is three .{3,100}$.  I haven't dug deep inside ESAPI code, but this
shouldn't be treated as an exception in my case, rather just an invalid
input.  And I'd like to change the logging to reflect that, and the event's
handling too if possible.  Any idea on how I can go about doing this?




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