[Esapi-user] ESAPI development process

Ed Schaller schallee at darkmist.net
Wed Sep 8 17:51:48 EDT 2010

> I agree with Jeff. Encoders should never throw exceptions; they are so UI heavy 
> and we don't want JSPs and the like to throw exceptions (nor do we want 
> extensive exception handling requirements in UI code).
> +1 for making this a config issue.

Sounds good to me as well. Having the choice is best and I'm ok with a
good default.

One thought before implementation, is it worth adding a encoder
attribute/feature/property/config level setting for this so it can be
chosen at runtime as well? Let me clarify a bit. Perhaps something like:

Codec#setConfig(String name, Object value)

could be added. If a dev wanted the specific instance to throw an
exception they could do something like:


or a different replacement:


with constants for know names. The default would come from the config.

This would allow future or codec specific settings without API changes.


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