[Esapi-user] ESAPI 1.4 Movements

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Sep 8 15:04:19 EDT 2010

Regarding ESAPI 1.4,


Patrick Higgins donated a sweet patch to clean up some of the 1.4 encoding
problems around concurrency and consistency (with 2.0). Patrick, nice work
and thank you!


Patrick, I moved your SVN access from "commit" to "contribute" - if you have
anything else for us, let me know.


Ed Schaller has been helping us with 1.4 for quite some time. I gave Ed
"commit" access back and he has a few patches to donate. I'm going to leave
Ed's access at "commit" since he has been with us on 1.4 for so long.


So we are down to only 5 committers:


1)      Jeff Williams

2)      Jim Manico

3)      Chris Schmidt

4)      Kevin Wall

5)      Ed Schaller


Ed, thanks for jumping back in. Let me know when y'all would like to see
another formal release of ESAPI 1.4.


Thanks and hello from AppSec Irvine! J

- Jim

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