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Hey Chris

The OCC (Owasp Connections Commitee) is trying to manage the OWASP leaders
at the AppSec USA next week and organize a number of events/meetings. See
this WIKI page for the details of who is currently going (almost 30) and
what we are starting to plan:
I don't see you name in there :)  )

Regarding your idea to set-up a ESAPI4JS thinkthank session, let's make it
happen :)

Chris, here is what you need to figure out and let the OCC know:

   - *Time: *When do you want to do it?
   - *Location: *Where do you want to do it? At the conference venue, at the
   hotel, at a bar?
   - *Participants: *Who do you want to be there? and are they on the
and if they are not, can you track them down?
   - *Money: *Do you need a seed budget to kickstart it (or to book a
   place)? for example if you need to book a bar/restaurant and have this
   meeting over some beers/food, I (as a board member) can cover (on behalf of
   OWASP) the first 200USD of the bill (to get things going :)  )

In terms of logistic details, Lorna (CCed) from the OCC is going to be in
Irvine, so she is a good point of contact

If you have already sorted all this out, then at least add the details to
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/AppSec_US_2010,_CA/Attending_Owasp_Leaders so
that the other OWASP leaders can also participate :)


On 23 August 2010 21:48, Chris Schmidt <chrisisbeef at gmail.com> wrote:
>> As I have mentioned before - I am presenting on ESAPI and how to solve
>> *REAL* issues using it at AppSecUS, this talk went over very well at
>> FROC in Denver, and I am sure that with a bigger audience it will be
>> even better at AppSec.
>> While I am at AppSec, I would like to reach out to the community and see
>> who else will be there for the event, and if you would be interested in
>> having a ESAPI4JS thinktank session. I know there are a lot of really
>> great ideas out there, and I have gotten a *TON* of great feedback about
>> the project, as well as some constructive criticism on where the code is
>> at now. I agree with both sides and ultimately I aim to make this a very
>> useful project/port - I think the need for this type of control is
>> needed badly in the Rich UI world.
>> Basically, what I am thinking is taking over a small corner of the hotel
>> bar/resteraunt (or someplace nearby) for a 1-2 hour brainstorming
>> session for where ESAPI4JS should go and what the greater plan for the
>> project should be.
>> If you will be there and are interested in participating, shoot me a
>> note and I will get together a list and shoot out invites. This will be
>> an open-forum type thing, so if you know someone going who is not on
>> this list and may be interested in participating feel free to forward
>> on. I will likely also mention this in my talk.
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