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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Sat Oct 9 01:35:10 EDT 2010

ESAPI team,


I'd like to talk to you about Kevin Wall and Chris Schmidt for a moment.


Kevin and Chris have been solid contributors to the ESAPI project since the
beginning. They have spent countless hours helping with a variety of
behind-the-scene tasks. They have tirelessly answered support emails -  in
great detail with rapid response time. We have all had design conversations
at crazy hours after dark. Chris is working our next generation build
server. Kevin has taken on the monumental task of building our Encryption
API (the most difficult of all ESAPI tasks) which is currently under review
by the NSA. The list of contributions to the ESAPI project from Kevin and
Chris goes on and on. Our project critically needs this kind of


So please help me welcome Kevin and Chris as new "Project Managers" of the
ESAPI project.  You will note that Chris and Kevin now both have "owner"
status in our SVN repository. http://code.google.com/p/owasp-esapi-java/ 


So as of today, the core ESAPI team looks like:


1)      Project Founder and Spiritual Leader: Jeff Willams

2)      Project Managers: Jim Manico, Chris Schmidt and Kevin Wall

3)      Active Committers: August Detlefsen, Patrick Higgins, and Ed


Ed is fairly quiet, but he has made many epic contributions to the project.
Thank you Ed, I know you pop up on irregular basis, but every time you do
it's a gift to the project. Patrick and August and new contributors, but are
deep developers who have recently been active in the project in very
positive ways.


There are many of you - users, past contributors, bloggers, even critics -
who have all helped shape the project to make it what it is today. I'm
grateful for all of the many unsung ESAPI heroes.


Thank you Kevin and Chris! J



Jim Manico







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