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Chris Schmidt chrisisbeef at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 11:14:13 EST 2010

Community - 

With the impending release of 2.0GA ­ we need to shift some focus towards
getting relevant, up-to-date documentation added to the OWASP Wiki regarding
installation, configuration, and use of the ESAPI Libraries. While there is
a great deal of information already available on the wiki ­ there is a great
deal more that needs to be documented as well.

Dave Wichers ­ long time supported and contributer to the ESAPI Project (one
of the wizards behind the curtain if you will) has graciously offered to
spearhead this effort and roadmap the documentation sprint leading up to the
GA release. 

If you have some spare cycles and can contribute anything from a few minutes
to a few hours contributing your collective knowledge and experience to
using and integrating ESAPI ­ I am sure that the world and future ESAPI
users would be forever indebted to your sacrifice. :)

That being said, if you can commit to contributing anything at all to this
current effort, please let Jim, Kevin, Dave, or Myself know and we will task
some items out for you depending on what your area of expertise and
availability is. 

I also posted a blog on this which may or may not provide additional
information XD


Thank you all for continuing to be an active and supportive community, we
are making great things happen in the world of secure development.

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