[Esapi-user] OWASP configure issue in Oracle App Server 10.1.3

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Mon Nov 15 08:17:30 EST 2010

Did you stage up the configuration files? 


What version of ESAPI are you using?


Can you send us your log files so we can see what is happening when you
start up the server?


Thank you,



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Hi All,

I am trying to configure OWASP for use in Oracle 10g App Server, but unable
to do so.I have put the jar file and property file in proper lib path of
Oracle server, but it is giving "'class' or 'interface' expected import
org.owasp.esapi.ESAPI;" error. I am using OWASP already in a project hosted
in Apache Tomcat server and basically following the same installation steps
for Oracle also.Can somebody guide me ?

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