[Esapi-user] Need some help with "ESAPI-BuildingWithEclipse"

Boberski, Michael [USA] boberski_michael at bah.com
Wed May 19 13:20:57 EDT 2010

Ok, will do. It looks like I'll be able to more easily make more direct contributions to ESAPI for Java now, am now beginning to use (not just review) this language version. I already added some placeholder sections in the fancy new consolidated and extended wiki docs yesterday:

# Preparing to use ESAPI for Java
    * Installing ESAPI for Java
    * Using ESAPI for Java with Eclipse
    * Hello World
    * Optional steps (for building ESAPI for Java using Eclipse)
          o Building ESAPI for Java source code
          o Generating ESAPI for Java JavaDoc
          o Running ESAPI for Java JUnit (all tests)
          o Running ESAPI for Java JUnit (single test)


Mike B.

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Mike, please! This kind of documentation cleanup is gold - you are right in that we need these steps added.

- Jim

PS - I'm happy to update the wiki with the additional step to download and install antisamy, and the instructions to run as junit test (I'm getting results of Tests run: 501, Failures: 0, Errors: 2, Skipped: 0) if in fact that is the maven configuration for the former and the "correct" way to run the latter, but since is the first time I've test-driven the instructions, don't want to muck things up if I did something wrong. Let me know!


Mike B.

From: Boberski, Michael [USA]
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To: ESAPI-Users
Subject: Need some help with "ESAPI-BuildingWithEclipse"


Embarrassingly enough today is the first time in a great while I've tried to build the Java version of ESAPI, not just review the code, and I could use a hand.

My goal is to use the SVN source and to build it according to the instructions here: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/ESAPI-BuildingWithEclipse

Question #1.
The first question I have is that the instructions seem to be missing a step to download and install antisamy:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project esapi: Missing:
1) org.owasp:antisamy:jar:1.3-SNAPSHOT

I no doubt fouled up the build instructions on the above wiki page somehow, but am not seeing where. The error message provides advice to try downloading it separately, but the above instructions didn't include this step leading me to believe I messed up somewhere.

Question #2.
The second question that I will have is regarding the "Building ESAPI should be easy with the new Maven integration" instructions: What are the steps to build ESAPI with running JUnit tests?

Sorry to be as Bugs Bunny says, a Maroon. I've been brain damaged by working in PHP this past year.

Thanks in advance!


Mike B.


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