[Esapi-user] Validation fields with JSF

Sebastian smarichal at seciu.edu.uy
Wed Feb 24 10:04:50 EST 2010

Hi everybody, im new in the esapi-user list.

Actually im investigating security configurations for a JavaEE + JSF 
The system has 2 components, a EJB Proyect called "Logica" and a 
presentation component called "WebComponent".
So, the validations in the pages of WebComponent are done with 
JavaScript. And when the data arrives to "Logica" then it is validated 
again (server side).
I would like to ask you if it is necesary validate fields in the 
"WebComponent" on server side, not only JavaScript. Why?
And if the answer is "Yes" I'll apreciate it you can tell me if it is 
better validate the fields using <f:validate> or <h:inputText 
required='true'> or just validate in the code of the BackingBean ??

Thanks you very much!


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