[Esapi-user] Worksheets?

Mike Boberski mike.boberski at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 17:50:28 EST 2010


I wouldn't guess anyone has e.g. worksheets to use to collect up data
inputs, regex's, sample data, pointers to references, etc. in order to work
on researching/reviewing input data validation controls/control settings?
Same question for output encoding/escaping, other ESAPI controls. Lots of
e.g. SSO products have appendices that include worksheets that can be used
to figure out security control data/settings, to use for planning etc. I
think we probably could benefit from similar.

Thanks in advance,


PS -- I would guess the answer is no; would people be interested in having
such materials available if I were to create then post them, would be an
alternate question.
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