[Esapi-user] Maven Changes

Chris Schmidt chrisisbeef at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 11:46:40 EDT 2010

  All -

I will be commiting some changes to the pom.xml that may affect you if 
you are managing ESAPI in a local repository (ie Sonatype)

The groupId will be changing to org.owasp.esapi
The version will be changing to <current version>-SNAPSHOT

The good news is that ESAPI will now be in the central repository so you 
will be able to add the latest SNAPSHOT releases and the latest GA (once 
it is released)

It should be noted that this will only manage dependency libraries and 
if you implement ESAPI this way, you will still need to manually install 
the configuration files for your application. Once everything is 
implemented at central I will publish a wiki page with instructions on 
integrating ESAPI using Maven.

As a result of this newest change, our Maven expert and/or I will be 
able to start working on the maven archetype to create an ESAPI webapp 
which will simplify the process of creating a new ESAPI-Enabled webapp.

As soon as everything is setup I will shoot out an e-mail with links on 
how to use it and other important information.

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