[Esapi-user] [Esapi-dev] What can I do next for ESAPI?

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Sun Aug 8 18:39:17 EDT 2010


I'd love to eventually remove •all• dependencies. :) It's pretty out of control right now. Perhaps we could get more visibility into this topic as part of the componentization push for 3.0? 

I think that once we start splitting ESAPI into different pieces it will be a lot easier to analyze dependencies and see which easy ones, at least, we can drop.

- Jim

On Aug 1, 2010, at 5:33 PM, "Kevin W. Wall" <kevin.w.wall at gmail.com> wrote:

> Chris Schmidt wrote:
>> I concur that #1 [breaking out ESAPI core and components into modules
>> and/or separate jars] is far more important and needs to happen first - I would
>> also contest that making any other serious enhancement before that happens
>> would not be the best way to go. There is already quite a bit to do in
>> separating all the pieces of esapi into components.
> I think this should be the top longer-term priority, but I think it will
> be a major architectural shift and thus I can't see it happening until
> ESAPI 3.0 (or at least ESAPI 2.1).
> I was mostly looking for things that could be done in no more than a
> month of my free time. Bug fixes and small incremental improvements
> are probably best if they are to go into 2.0.
> I don't have any problems trying to start on requirements / specs for
> the next release that is aimed at breaking out the ESAPI dependencies
> so one doesn't have to drag in half the Java universe just to use
> one component such as the ESAPI encoders.  If we want to start working on
> that now, I think the first order of business is what do we want to use
> for the dependency injection (aka, IoC)--e.g., PicoContainer, Spring,
> roll-our-own, etc. There are pros & cons of each. And probably the
> second order of business is what release should we plan it for 2.1 or
> 3.0, if only because we need a branch to build it on and more importantly
> we need to know how much change is acceptable? (IMO, in keeping with standard
> FOSS release strategy, if it existing changes ESAPI interfaces, it has to go
> in 3.0; if not release 2.1 is acceptable.)
> Anyone have any opinions on this? I'd like to hear from the ESAPI user
> community (both current and likely future users) as well as ESAPI developers.
> Also, note to Jim and Jeff: Is there anything that I can do to assist the
> NSA code inspection to move forward? E.g., write up something describing the new
> crypto design, etc.? I think *what* I wanted reviewed was already described but
> am willing to embellish that as well if it will help.
> -kevin
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