[Esapi-user] Why ESAPI crypto uses a custom serialization scheme

Kevin W. Wall kevin.w.wall at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 19:57:28 EDT 2010

Mike Boberski wrote:
> Ok, I made it to the end of the email. _:-)

If you did that w/out caffeine, I'm impressed! :)

> I've anecdotally seen huge funky PKCS#7 and CMS data structures. And, when I
> ran USPS Electronic Postmark when it was a server app, before it was a
> hosted service, we actually created a custom EPM format for EXACTLY that
> reason, to keep the size down and the speed up, to support batch processing
> for banks, that kind of thing. So you're working me down :-)
> But, a question or two, before I go off and think deep thoughts:

Sorry, but can only reply off list to some of these questions. Sent
you separate reply.

Kevin W. Wall
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