[Esapi-user] Call for review of crypto code

Boberski, Michael [USA] boberski_michael at bah.com
Fri Apr 30 08:29:54 EDT 2010

I do have one general comment that's basically just a reiteration of previous proposals to basically further wrap the crypto, it occurred to me again yesterday as I was reviewing existing documentation and working on consolidating and extending it in http://code.google.com/p/owasp-esapi-java/wiki/Welcome , if you look inside the ESAPI for Java distribution in " \ESAPI-2.0-rc6\documentation", the amount of documentation for Encryptor is much more than for any other control. (1)Other ESAPI controls aren't as hard to use, (except maybe the WAF which is a separate thread), and (2)none create proprietary (non-standards-based) outputs, for Encoders for example we code to e.g. MySQL specs, why don't we do something similar, like use PKCS#7 or CMS here. Also, why does ESAPI care how a crypto algorithm is implemented, I really don't think we want to try to stand behind algorithms, we're not the open crypto project, we're just a wrapper that uses things according to best practices, FIPS 140 or no for example. It's our use of algorithms and key management that we should solicit reviews of.



Mike B.

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