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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
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Wow. Shame on IBM.


Many of us were wrong about this; I'm grateful you actually dug into
this and have been on contact with IBM.

I sent them feedback on this topic already, I'll let you know if I make
any progress.

You can fix this via an outbound Servlet filter (although, it can be
problematic in some environments, its not sure fire), or via a WAF (or
an ESAPI WAF rule).

If you are struggling with a solution using ESAPI, let us know if we can

Jim Manico

> Hi,
> Apologies if this is slightly off-topic but I think those interested
> follow this list.
> Several blogs quote IBM as saying they added support for httpOnly
> cookies in WebSphere last year.
> After trying and failing to get this to work for session cookies, I've
> had confirmation from IBM that this does not include cookies set
> server-side (including JSESSIONID).
> All it does is provide some sort of support when the flag is set by
> the client, which as I understand it is not the main point for XSS
> protection.
> So anyone keen to persuade them to do this properly - feel free to
> have another go!
> Whether an ESAPI filter should pick this up, or alternative methods
> (we're looking at an application firewall rule) I'll leave to the
> experts to debate.
> Thanks and keep up the great work!
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