[Esapi-python] ESAPI on Python SwingSet live on App Engine

Craig Younkins craig.younkins at owasp.org
Sat Jun 5 20:38:47 EDT 2010


Check it out! Work on the ESAPI on Python SwingSet has begun and is
progressing nicely. There are only two modules so far, but there are many
more to come.

I would love your feedback. What do you like, what do you dislike?
Suggestions on making it a bit more aesthetically pleasing? Module ideas
that show off ESAPI?

I would also love your code contributions. The project is being hosted
here: http://code.google.com/p/owasp-esapi-python-swingset/ . It'd be lovely
if you would clone the repo and write a module! Here are some I think would
be great:

   - Validation module that allows users to test the ESAPI validators with
   test strings (ajax query with a check mark or red X as a result)
   - Encoding module showing all the encoders' output for a given string
   - Canonicalization module
   - Randomizer module

Please feel free to email me with suggestions or questions. Thanks!

Craig Younkins
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