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FYI, this is what we would be and have been billed for Larry's design time.


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My hourly rate will be $50 an hour. These prices are based on average time
for each area and in most cases I go over the time allotted which is not
charged to OWASP.


On 2/9/09 4:03 PM, "Kate Hartmann" <kate.hartmann at owasp.org> wrote:

Here is the list of agreed upon rates Larry will be charging to create
banners and images for OWASP.  Jeff had been involved in most of the
discussions, so I've summarized what was discussed.  These figures were
agreed upon based on industry costs for similar marketing tools for OWASP.
Book covers:  $275  (includes alpha-release covers)
Stand up banners:  $500 
Web banners:  $300 
               Footers using web banners:  $75
               Stand up banners created from web banner images:  $300
               Changes to existing and approved web banners:  $50
Project logo designs: $100
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