[AsiaPAC] GMC meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/15/11 - Please reply with your input ASAP

Helen Gao wengaous at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 13:26:14 EDT 2011

Hi, APAC leaders,

The GMC, Global Membership Committee will tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/15/11 to
discuss membership model.  Now is the time to provide your input regarding
how to attract members in your country.  It will be difficult to change the
model once the decision is made.  Please reply to this email and let me know
what you think in the following or related areas:

   - Currently the OWASP membership is $50 worldwide.  If it's changed to
   three levels, $20, $30, $50, do you think it will help increasing membership
   in your country?  Which level will you be most comfortable with?

   - Currently the OWASP corporate membership is $5,000 worldwide.  Do you
   think it should also depend on the GDP of your country?  If yes then what
   should the levels be?
   - The easiest way for people to donate in the United States is by
   clicking on the Donate button on many OWASP web pages.  Does this payment
   method work for people in your country?  Do most people use credit card
   and/or PayPal?

Thank you for your corporation!

Helen Gao
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