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Helen Gao helen.gao at owasp.org
Mon Mar 7 07:10:37 EST 2011

Dear APAC leaders,

I have good news and a correction to make regarding donation.  (Thank you,
Mark).  If you click on the donate button on a local chapter or a project,
then 100% will go to the chapter/project.  (See donation scoreboard below).
If you click on the donate button on the membership page, then 40% will go
to the chapter/project you specified.

I also want to share with you some OWASP membership and donation data.

Currently there are 1,166 members in 48 countries.  About 34 are from Asia
Pacific area.
Members in APAC area:
China 1
India    8
Indonesia    1
Israel    1
Japan    2
Korea, Republic of    5
Malaysia    2
New Zealand    1
Pakistan    1
Singapore    6
Slovakia    1
South Korea    2
Taiwan    1
United Arab Emirates    2

Details can be found in the links below:
Current OWASP Members by
Current OWASP Individual
Local chapter donation scoreboard after 2010
Local Chapter Donation Scoreboard

Please don't forget to send in your input for the March 15 Global Membership
Committee meeting.

Best regards,

Helen Gao

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Dear APAC leaders,

The Global Membership Committee will meet soon.  One of the main issues to
be discussed in the meeting is how to reach out to people in developing
countries in APAC.  Here are several ideas I would like you to consider:

   - Currently the OWASP membership is $50 worldwide.  If it's changed to
   three levels, $20, $30, $50, do you think that will help increasing
   membership in your country?  Which level will you be most comfortable
   - Currently the OWASP corporate membership is $5,000 worldwide.  Do you
   think it should also depend on the GDP of your country?  If yes then what
   should the levels be?
   - The easiest way for people to donate in the United States is by
   clicking on the Donate button on many OWASP web pages.  Does this payment
   method work for people in your country?  Do most people use credit card
   and/or PayPal?  To find out how the Donate button work just go to your
   chapter page and click on it.  You will not get charged just by testing
   it.  Example:

funds to OWASP earmarked for China-Mainland.

Most donors click on the Donate button on the page of their chapters and
favorite projects.  That way their chapters/projects automatically get 40%
of the donation.

   - Is there any other cultural difference the Global Membership Committee
   should be aware of?

   -  For your reference:

a.       Current OWASP individual

b.      Local chapter donation scoreboard after

c.       Local chapter donation scoreboard 2009 -

If you think of any idea to boost membership in your country then please let
me know by March 15.

Helen Gao, CISSP
Leader of OWASP Chinese
Founder and leader of OWASP Long Island
Representative of OWASP China
China AppSec 2011 Organnization Committee Member
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