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Helen Gao wengaous at gmail.com
Fri May 20 18:12:20 EDT 2011

Hi, Rip et al.

How many keynotes speakers do you think we need?  How many have confirmed?
Please add to the list your names.  If you think a particular candidate is
not suitable then let me know asap so I will not pursue them.  I will try to
have the travel expense of 1 and 2 covered by the OWASP Foundation.  Please
give me some details of your plan to compensate their expense so I can tell

Keynote speakers:

1.       OWASP board member ¨C This is a requirement of all AppSec.  I¡¯m
working with the board on this and will keep you posted.  Tom Brennan
attended last year¡¯s conference.  He has since been very supportive.   If
you have any suggestion then please let me know by Friday, May 20.

2.       Wang Chenxi, Íõ³¿êØ
<http://www.forrester.com/rb/analyst/chenxi_wang>- Vice President,
Principal Analyst.
Dr. Wang gave a keynote speech on cloud security last year.  She has not
promised to come due to a possible time conflict.

3.       Bruce Schneier <http://www.schneier.com/> ¨C Mr. Schneier is an
internationally renowned security technologist.  I¡¯ve listened to him speak
a couple of times.  His widely circulated Crypto-Gram newsletter is
translated to Chinese.  He is attending AppSec Latam
.  I¡¯ll invite him but not sure if he is coming.

Other VIPs:

1.       OWASP Global Conference Committee (GCC) representative ¨C Lucas
Ferreira will come.  I met Lucas in Lisbon in February.  He has been very
supportive of the conference.  He has hosted a successful conference last
year.  He is also hosting AppSec Latam (Latin America) in October, just one
month before ours.  Please feel free to contact lucas.ferreira at owasp.org.

2.       Several speakers in SecureAsia
<http://www.informationsecurityasia.com/conference/speaker.html>which will
be held in Jakarta in July.  I will try to contact some of them and keep you
posted on the progress.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.  The recognition of keynote speakers
says a lot about the strength of a conference.  A strong list of powerful
speakers helps attracting sponsors, speakers and attendees.

Helen Gao
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