[Owasp-webscarab] MalformedURLException

Rogan Dawes lists at dawes.za.net
Tue Mar 18 16:07:53 EDT 2008

Florian Roth wrote:
> Is the error 
> Java.net.MalformedURLException - an URL must have a scheme
> always(!) an indicator for an RFC incompliant URL?
> I am asking this cause I tested an application that communicates with SOAP
> requests, is written in .NET and throws exactly that error while starting
> up. Does that mean, that the application does not communicate conform with
> the RFCs or may this be an error in webscarab itself. It seems that it uses
> a Java class but I doubt that the application does not communicate
> RFC-conform because it is a quite know and famous vendor and worldwide
> distributor.
> I haven't found the URL in the log due to this error. Unfortunately I do not
> have a raw sniff from an application like wireshark or tcpdump.  

If it is written in .Net, how is it throwing a 

Please see http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html



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