[Owasp-webscarab] Design assistance required

Bru, Pierre Pierre.Bru at spotimage.fr
Fri Aug 18 12:55:01 EDT 2006

> Hi folks,
> Even though I have been working on WebScarab-NG for a few months 
> already, I am now looking at redesigning it ;-) And to do that 
> successfully, I need your help.
> Lots of people complain that the existing WebScarab is non-intuitive. 
> The features/plugins are pretty much isolated from each other, and do 
> not make an integrated tool. So, I am looking for suggestions on how
> improve this situation.
> At this stage, I am aiming for conceptual descriptions of how it will 
> work. Let me give my suggestions, followed by the places where I need
> I am thinking of having two major areas of focus, namely interactive 
> testing and automated testing.


I'm quite new to WebScarab (less than a week). I found it while
searching the internet for a scriptable proxy in order to modify/enhance
response before they reach the browser. or even create a brand new
response out of the existing one.

so, what I would like would be 1st not to remove the beanshell part, 2nd
have a debug interface to the beanshell stuff. 

oh yes another thing. the HTML view of a response is built as if the
HTML was correct. but there are zillions of buggy HTML pages in the WWW.
it could be great if WS could have (as un option?) the possibility to
fix this buggy HTML (only for the view) in a way quite similar to what
the browser do (ie. using TagSoup) 

I duno if WS has not been created with this use in mind but that's how I
use it ;)


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