[OWASP-TESTING] OWASP Testing Project v06.doc

Mark Curphey mark.curphey at foundstone.com
Fri May 14 16:06:48 EDT 2004

OK, let me fill in the missing gaps based on the last one I sent out and
then if you can continue your edits based on that final draft on the
24th, we can then hand it off to a tech writer when you are done. 

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    I've continued my editing and have gotten further... still have a
bit more to go.  Problem is after tonight, I'm on vacation and will be
touring around the England countryside for the next week and likely
won't have much chance to continue my edits.  I wouldn't be able to
finish til I get back in the office the week of the 24th.  Also, there
are several places in the document where others and I have added
comments that will need to be answered/addressed/written as well before
you want to turn it over to a tech-writer, as you'll want it as close to
the final version as possible...


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From: Mark Curphey [mailto:mark.curphey at foundstone.com]
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Subject: [OWASP-TESTING] OWASP Testing Project v06.doc

 <<OWASP Testing Project v06.doc>> I read through all of the edits and
comments. Great stuff, Larry and Andrew and Jeff and everyone else. 

I accepted all edits to date. I have not addressed the comments so far.
I also need to complete the sections that have gaps. 

Larry's employer has very generouisly volunteered to have a professional
tech writer look at this after Larry's final edits which is excellent.
This will be a very professional document when completed. 

I wonder if this schedule works for everyone. 

This week
Mark to finish incomplete sections

Next Week
Larry to make final edits
Everyone to address comments

Week After
Professional Tech Editor

Week After 

I have a long standing web cast next week on this project though Global
Knowledge (few hundred signed up) so will use the current draft and
point people towards a final download date of 3 weeks time. 

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