[Owasp-nynjmetro] Jan 27th 2009 @ IBM

Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Fri Jan 16 13:32:29 EST 2009

The next meeting of NY/NJ Metro OWASP and NYPHP wil be on Jan 27th 2009

Full details @ http://www.owasp.org/index.php/NYNJMetro  OR

Be sure to RSVP for this one as we kick off 2009

If you SUPPORT OWASP as a professional organization please consider making
it official with a membership. Membership funds the grant projects, the
special project efforts and keeps OWASP doing what we do.  Individual
membership is now $50.00 - see: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership  

Finally, we are seeking locations for meetings in BOTH New Jersey and New
York City.  If you would like to raise the security awareness of your
company and host a meeting, please contact me contact me via email or
telephone.  Chapter Vice President Steve Antoniewicz @ 212-279-6565 is the
point of contact for NYC meetings and Committee Member Pete Perfetti @
973-576-0530 is the point guy for New Jersey meetings for 2009.

Semper Fi,
Tom Brennan
Global Board Member
Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
Direct: 973-202-0122
Url: www.owasp.org

Virtual Meetings https://whitehatsec.webex.com/meet/tbrennan
Telephone Bridge: 1-866-910-4857 #974975


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