[Owasp-modsecurity-core-rule-set] CRS3-RC1 not working on Apache 2.2

Christian Folini christian.folini at netnea.com
Mon Aug 22 10:46:16 UTC 2016


On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 11:39:59AM +0200, Jens Schleusener wrote:
> As said that is very laborious if there hundred of entries. Often
> one had to analyze additionally the big Apache access log to find
> out the further behaviour of an suspicious IP and classify the
> according requests as "good" or "bad".

Yep. That's the problem exactly.

> Helpful would be a general program or script that can grep blocks of
> lines given a main target pattern and two further patterns
> specifying the begin and the end of the block. I just write a very
> primitive one that allows for e.g. via
>  grep_blocks_by_sed -p 'id "921140"' \
>    -b '^--[0-9a-f]*-A--' -e '^--[0-9a-f]*-Z--' modsec_audit.log

You may want to look into csplit.

Personally, I hardly work with the auditlog. I concentrate on the
errorlog where I fetch ruleid, IPs and unique-ids. I grep for the IP
and the unique id in the access-log and display sessions with the
al-group of aliases in my alias-collection. Usually


$> grep 941160 error.log | melip | while read IP; do \
   echo "*** $IP ****"; \
   grep $IP folinic.access-not-null | altimestatusmethodpath ; done 

*** ****
[2016-08-15 09:20:26.666687] 302 POST /de/node/35876/edit
[2016-08-15 09:21:13.160125] 200 POST /de/system/ajax
[2016-08-15 09:21:19.746708] 302 POST /de/node/35876/edit/de
[2016-08-15 09:23:00.658298] 200 POST /de/system/ajax
[2016-08-15 09:23:07.598479] 302 POST /de/node/35876/edit/fr
[2016-08-15 09:23:52.093165] 200 POST /de/system/ajax
[2016-08-15 09:23:58.916953] 302 POST /de/node/35876/edit/it
[2016-08-15 09:24:54.378965] 200 POST /de/system/ajax
[2016-08-15 09:25:00.475736] 302 POST /de/node/35876/edit/en-gb
[2016-08-15 12:26:26.784170] 200 POST /de/plupload-handle-uploads?...
[2016-08-15 12:26:28.898396] 200 GET /de/admin/content/file/...
[2016-08-15 12:27:28.803916] 200 POST /de/media/ajax/field_header_...
[2016-08-15 12:27:35.067760] 302 POST /de/node/36269/edit
[2016-08-15 12:27:51.742488] 200 POST /de/media/ajax/field_header_...

That's a fairly coarse approach. But this example would give me a
overview what the sessions involving violations of 941160 are up to.
If I browse over the various IPs, I get a feeling for the application
and what seems to be standard behaviour and what not.

However, the reasonable approach is of course to look for false
positives in traffic where you _know_ there is not attack traffic
interwoven and every alert guaranteed to be a false positive. 
That approach does not quite work out in the real world a lot of the 
time, though.

If you find stuff where you are sure it is a false positive, then please
open github issues. Especially in the default install with paranoia
level 1. In the higher paranoia levels you should anticipate more and
more false positives.



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