[Owasp-modsecurity-core-rule-set] CRS3-RC1 not working on Apache 2.2

Christian Folini christian.folini at netnea.com
Mon Aug 22 05:35:51 UTC 2016

Good morning Jens,

On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 12:48:32PM +0200, Jens Schleusener wrote:
> One reason for the "silence" may be also the very laborious log file
> analysis.
> But to get just a first impression I found your script aliases collection at
>  https://github.com/Apache-Labor/labor/blob/master/bin/.apache-modsec.alias
> very useful.

Thanks. I should probably cover them in a blogpost. Right now they seem
to be a bit of a secret to those who have read my (German) tutorials.

> On the server that I manage (httpd 2.4.23, modsecurity 2.9.1)
> CRS3-RC1 is now for nearly a month in use and it works very well
> (big thanks to the CRS3 team!).

Glad it works!

> Although the server may be not
> "typical" since it uses itself neither PHP nor SQL but offers
> amongst others soure code browsing of FOSS software that contains
> for e.g. PHP, SQL and HTML files here an example output for 5 days
> (with roughly 200.000 page requests in total) using the script alias
> "melidmsg" (entries fom some special self-written rules are
> removed):
> cat modsec_audit.log.16081[5-9] | melidmsg | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

I guess you are aware of the alias 'sucs' and use the sort-uniq-c-sort
combination here to make it more comprehensive for the other readers.

>     347 921140 HTTP Header Injection Attack via headers
>     308 910000 Request from Known Malicious Client
>                (Based on previous traffic violations).
>     186 920350 Host header is a numeric IP address
>     105 932130 Remote Command Execution: Unix Shell Expression Found
> ...

All in all, this is quite a big collection of alerts for 200K requests.
Your site is special of course, but would this special content really
affect the requests that much. Would not that be more a problem with
the responses?

There are a rules which point to a  real positive. But with many others,
we might face false positives. Did you investigate further, or do you
think they point to malign requests?

> Found") in some cases seems to cause FPs (especially for the
> User-Agent "Go-http-client/1.1" that sends erroneously a
> "Connection: close, close" HTTP header).

Would you please be so kind and open an issue on the github site for
this false positive? Ideally including a full audit log entry for the

Thank you for your detailed report.



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