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A bit late, but:

There is no escaping the fact that group of people can "hijack" an OWASP
chapter. On the personal level, as much as we would like to have everyone
work together, large groups tend to have internal politics. We at the global
chapter committee are working to mitigate this by setting guidelines and
metrics for a chapters operations so that they adhere to the OWASP code and
goals, and if they fail to, enable the OWASP foundation to intervene.

~ Ofer


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The problem is if lots of OWASP local members will claim that they want to
make elections. If they are from one, big company, they can take control on
OWASP local chapters meetings.

There was similar situation with Poland ISACA Chapter - now its under full
control of one company...





I like the idea that only members should be allow to vote (especially if we
implement the idea that our members have to agree to an 'OWASP Member Code
of Ethics' document.


But before implement such voting solution, we should do something that we
have talked several times before which is to make OWASP members ALL current
& past active OWASP contributors 


That would solve any problems with OWASP Openness, since if people have
contributed, then they can vote and have a voice. In fact one could argue
that a vote from an owasp-leader should count 2x or 5x than an vote of a
paid OWASP member (this will be more relevant when we reach the point were
we have 1,000s or 10,000s of owasp members and 100s or owasp leaders)


Of course these active OWASP contributors could still pay their $50 fee (I
know I will) but we should make it a free membership (renewable every year
based on their contributions) for our community (for the first batch we need
to consider recent and past contributions, and for the next year we should
only look at recent contributions)


Membership Committee, what do you think? 


If you are OK with it, please create a proposal and take it for approval by
the OWASP board at the next OWASP board meeting (first Tue in March)


Dinis Cruz



2009/2/11 Dan Cornell < <mailto:dan at denimgroup.com> dan at denimgroup.com>


> OWASP is different in that we have very few paid members in our local

> chapter.  And most of the contributors are not paid members.  I glad

> you

> raised the topic, I think an election process should be defined in the

> bi-laws.  Just my opinion.




As a member of the Global Membership Committee I would suggest that

folks who want a vote should have to become an Individual Member

< <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership>
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership>.  With the new Membership

Model it is cheaper and easier than ever!




But that may go against the "Open" in OWASP...


So if you can't require folks to be members in order to vote, how do you

determine eligibility for voting?  It seems that attendance is a

reasonable criteria.  Everyone is busy and everyone can make excuses why

they can't make a particular meeting so attendance seems a sensible

hard-and-fast requirement for those who want their vote counted.






PS - I also just had a thought that you could allow absentee votes from

Individual Members, but I don't want to push the Membership too much in

this particular thread.



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