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How would this work?  Is there a way to get a ws-trust credentials out of
the browser?




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Is there a reason you wouldn't use ws-trust to do this? This is precisely
why it was invented

-support multiple token types - x.509 (if you are a sadist), saml (if you
like xml), kerberos (if youlike dogs), and/or username/password (if you
don't really care about security), or invent your own token

- simple request response methods to create a token and validate a token, 


On 1/7/08 9:46 AM, "Jeff Williams" <jeff.williams at owasp.org> wrote:

I'm thinking an enterprise would only want to have the authentication
methods they're actually using in *their* ESAPI.   I don't want an API
that's so generic that it's impossible for any real developers to figure out
and use.  (I've got plenty of JAAS and JCE scars).

But I like Stephen's idea about using a Set of Credentials for the
createUser and login method.  This would let the API be used with a bigger
range of authentication approaches without making it ridiculously abstract.
I think we probably want to specify the type of the credentials, so ESAPI
can know how to authenticate them.
So it would work like this.
-       The parameter names for the credentials can be specified in

-       ESAPI extracts credentials from the request and generate Credential

-       ESAPI compares the credentials against the ones in the User object.

That's not a huge stretch for ESAPI - it already works like this for
Will that work to support the schemes you're thinking of?

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Cool. Right on Stephen (and Dan) May I invite you to take this to the next

How would you envision us going from a bunch of request data to hitting your
suggested API? 

For example, here are a few situations I think we want work with

banking site:
(and the user would see an image for phishing verification, but would not be
sent, but would be needed at createUser time)

RSA token auth:

standard enterprise app

Assuming these cases are consistent with what you are seeing, would you care
to take your ideas a little deeper?

Thanks folks,

I wasn't suggesting copying the whole implementation, just the bit about
using an arbitrary number of Credentials per user.  E.g.: 

public class Credential { 
    String name; 
    Object value; 
    //getters and setters... 

interface IUser { 
    void addUser(String username, String otherStuff.., Set<Credential>
    boolean login(Set<Credential> creds); //this compares the supplied set
with the stored set 

On Jan 7, 2008, at 9:02 AM, Jim Manico wrote: 

JAAS seems anything but intuitive to me - it's more for a servlet engine
implementor or large commercial product. 

public void initialize(Subject subject, 
                      CallbackHandler callbackHandler, 
                      Map sharedState, 
                      Map options) 
Initialize this LoginModule. 
This method is called by the LoginContext after this LoginModule has been
instantiated. The purpose of this method is to initialize this LoginModule
with the relevant information. If this LoginModule does not understand any
of the data stored in sharedState or options parameters, they can be

Parameters: subject - the Subject to be authenticated. callbackHandler - a
CallbackHandler for communicating with the end user (prompting for usernames
and passwords, for example). sharedState - state shared with other
configured LoginModules. options - options specified in the login
Configuration for this particular LoginModule. 

Stephen de Vries wrote: 

I've not taken a close look at the ESAPI source, so I may be talking 
out of my 4rse here, but couldn't ESAPI use an arbitrary Set of 
credentials the way JAAS does? 

On Jan 7, 2008, at 5:27 AM, Jeff Williams wrote: 


Interesting. I'm trying to keep to just the methods that pretty much 
web application or web service would have to have. But I definitely 
understand the need for specialized User objects in most 
enterprises.  Do 
you think we can come up with a way to handle these options in a way 
will be used in most apps? 

I strongly encourage customization of the ESAPI for your enterprise. 
Actually, I expect every enterprise will need their OWN ESAPI. I would 
expect extensions like the ones you've proposed to the API itself (the 
interfaces).  And I expect them to rip, mix, and burn the reference 
implementation with their own services and internal needs. 

I'm focused on the challenge of getting enterprises to agree that they 
should define and institutionalize an ESAPI.  If they use ours, or 
one based 
on ours, then great.  But it's still great if they make up their own. 


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Many of the apps I'm writing for a certain large Enterprise involves a 
RSA token reference stored in the user profile. Would you suggest I 
extend the ESAPI user object, or  would you consider integrating this 
into EASPI in some way? 

I'm thinking me might want a few different user types depending on the 
type of application: 

1) StandardUser (user, pass only) 
2) BankingUser (user, pass, map of auth questions, phishing image id) 
3) EnterpriseUser (user, pass, rsa token identifier) 

In fact, there are several over User authentication possibilities (SSO 
tech, for example) 

And I moving in the wrong direction by bringing these issues up? 

- Jim 
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