[OWASP-Chapters] Membership plan update

Sebastien Deleersnyder sdl at ascure.com
Fri Jun 3 03:20:45 EDT 2005


I support this model as well. 
Beside this plan, what we have to explain is what the members will get
out of this:
By supporting OWASP the quality of OWASP material and support for OWASP
material will get better, thus in turn more usable for the members
(=quality improvement cycle). 
We have to show a clear RO(O)I: Return on Owasp Investment
otherwise companies will simply proceed as non-member.

What stops me subscribing as an individual member and using the OWASP
membership Mark on our company website?
Should the educational membership not be free? The more people getting
educated on this: the more they will support OWASP in their later
professional career.



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I like the idea. It's also similar to what the Center for Internet
Security has done.

I'm a little confused on the individual and educational members, it
sounded like they were given commercial licenses in pages 1-2, and then
page 3 near the bottom, it sounded like they are paying for an open
source license.  I would expect they would get a commercial license for
the individual or educational org.

The prices seem a little high starting with small org, I know the CIS
consulting license is $4000/yr ... well oops, it was ... looks like they
raised their prices <http://www.cisecurity.org/membership.html> and the 
OWASP prices are very similar.   Hmmmm...  I still think about half of 
the current prices would attack more members until we got more momentum
going.  It will be interesting to see if the price increase for CIS
decreases the membership.

-- Ralf Durkee, CISSP, GSEC, GCIH
Principal Consultant

Jeff Williams wrote:
> Folks, here is the updated OWASP membership plan.  This plan offers 
> companies the option to become a member and get a single commercial 
> license to all OWASP materials (among other things).  Anyone can 
> continue to use OWASP materials under the existing open source 
> licenses.  This provides companies that wish to support OWASP a 
> concrete way to do it that gives them some benefit.
> Many thanks to Dinis for his help in coming up with a plan that I 
> believe will ensure that OWASP succeeds while remaining free, open, 
> and respected. Please send me your thoughts on the plan.  Raising 
> enough money to support some full-time staff for OWASP is extremely 
> important to the future of our organization.
> Thank you all for your continued support.
> --Jeff

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