[Owasp-appsensor-project] AppSensor Book V2 - Community Driven Book Writing

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Mon May 14 15:30:33 UTC 2012

AppSensor Experts & Enthusiasts,

Last fall at the AppSensor summit we hashed out the framework for the next version of the AppSensor book.  Based on several years of feedback and the collective expertise of core contributors, and those with fresh new perspectives, we arrived at a good skeleton. But, alas, we don't have a single page written so far!

I'd like to discuss how we can collectively go about creating the next great app sensor book. The traditional approach is for a few of us to sit down and crank out the whole book over 12-14 months and have some pier review - but I just don't think that truly leverages our open source and collective skills effectively.

I'm going to propose an alternative approach - community driven book writing.

1. Collectively agree on the skeleton / table of contents (pretty close here)
2. Determine writing style guides / tone / language (region for spelling purposes)
3. Determine a small number of core authors 
4. Determine a larger number of contributing writers
5. Divide responsibilities (e.g. book sections/ chapters) to core authors
6. Core authors map out overall flow of their sections
7. Core authors and contributing writers create their sections
8. Continual review from core authors across their sections
9. Review, adjust, repeat

Core Author
- Subject matter expert on their section
- Responsible for entire chapter or section
- Drives the main ideas covered in the sections
- Responsible for pier review of all content in respective section, organization of ideas
- Works with contributing writers to arrange material, flow
- Nomination and acceptance process for all Core Authors

Contributing Writers
- Contributes a small (or larger) amount of material within any section they feel comfortable
- Expert within the areas they are contributing text 
- Stays within the defined style guidelines

Everyone that contributes would be recognized. We would emphasize individuals that contribute substantial amounts of work.

Think of a core author as an architect and a contributing writer as a developer (except we have an architect per major book section & there are pier review between the architect and all developers in the respective section)

Crazy idea? Suggestions? Could this work? 

Michael Coates | OWASP
michael.coates at owasp.org | @_mwc

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